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It is a site built specifically for fundraisers, pre-orders, and event sales. 

How can I get Started?

If you are interested in starting a MADLocker with us, please contact us by phone/text to (323) 781-5082 or email at . We can discuss how we can best help your organization, team and event.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards thru the secure purchasing check out process.  In some cases paying on site is an option too. 

I placed my order 2 weeks ago and still waiting?

We try to keep Lockers open for a maximum of 2 weeks. Orders are then printed ALL TOGETHER, this helps us provide you with the best possible price. We do not print orders on demand. At times, the contact person may keep the Locker open longer and so prolonging the delivery of shirts. 

Can I place my order and pick it up?

No. We deliver all orders to contact person/school/organization that the Locker is open for. We handed them the items with your order and they will distribute your orders. 

I received my order, but i'm missing an item?

If we happen to forget an item that you ordered, please contact us as soon as possible to be able to correct this error. We allow up to 2 weeks to alert us of this issue to be able to get you your item. Anything longer will result in money returned or loss of item.